About the Japanese Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Melbourne (JCCiM)

The Japanese Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Melbourne (JCCiM) was established in September 1963 to achieve the following objectives:

1. To advance the robust development of economic activities and cater to common profits for its members

2. To promote and strengthen business and investment ties between Australia and Japan

3. To plan and finance for appropriate objectives approved by the Board, and

4. To amplify the achievement of above mentioned objectives and accomplish all activities contributing to these achievements

Currently we have 91 ordinary members and 5 associate members (as of Jun 2022). Our major activities include The Annual General Meeting, Business Forum, Business Seminar, Melbourne Japanese Summer Festival, and distributing monthly Newsletters to our members.


1.         The name of the incorporated association is Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Melbourne Inc. (referred to as the “Chamber”).

2.         The rules contained in Schedule 4 of the regulations shall not apply to the Chamber but instead the following shall be the Rules governing the Chamber.

*Download full JCCIM rules here


3.1   Membership of the Chamber shall consist of:
(a) Ordinary Members; and
(b) Associate Members;
who are corporations that carry on commercial activities in the State of Victoria and its surroundings (the
State of South Australia, the State of Tasmania and other geographic location which the Board may
determine from time to time) and who at the time of joining accept and acknowledge that all activities of
the Chamber shall be conducted in Japanese.

3.2   Ordinary Members shall comprise:
(a) Japanese corporations (a subsidiary of a Japanese corporation, a branch office of a Japanese
corporation, or a corporation established by or effectively management-controlled by a Japanese
corporation); and
(b) non-Japanese corporations with a Japanese representative or contact person.

3.3   Associate Members shall comprise such non-Japanese corporations which the Board may determine
and which
(a) do not qualify for ordinary membership; or
(b) want to be Associate Members.
Such Associate Members have no right for election and no voting rights, but may have other rights
as determined by the Board.

3.4   A member of the Association who is entitled to vote has the right:
(a) to receive notice of general meetings and of proposed special resolutions in the manner and
time prescribed by these Rules; and
(b) to submit items of business for consideration at a general meeting; and
(c) to attend and be heard at general meetings; and
(d) to vote at a general meeting.

4.   Every application for membership of the Chamber shall be:
(a) in writing;
(b) in such form as the Board may from time to time prescribe or accept;
(c) accompanied by a reference letter from one or more members of the Board; and
(d) lodged with the Board.

5.         Upon an application being lodged with the Board, the Board shall determine whether to approve or reject the application.

6.         Each Member may have more than one representative PROVIDED that only one representative, who shall be nominated by the Member, shall have the right on behalf of the Member to attend and vote at all meetings of the Chamber and generally exercise all rights of membership on behalf of the Member.  A Member may in its discretion revoke the nomination of any representative and nominate another representative in his or her place.

Membership Fees

1) Ordinary Member

Admission Fee $300.00, GST

Membership Fee (to be paid annually in July for next 12 months/ GST excluded)
Monthly Fee are determined by the number of registered representatives, starting from
Category 1 $110.80 (1 person) ( from 1 July 2023)

2) Associate Member

Admission Fee $150.00;

Membership Fee

$110.80 / per month;  $1,329.60 /per year (GST excluded) ( from 1 July 2023)

JCCIM Associate Member Application Online Form 


Our Members (list & Link)

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